Yellow Soybean Meal

  • Yellow Soybean Meal

    Soybean is the single largest grown oilseed in the world followed by rapeseed, cottonseed and peanut. India is the 5th largest producer of soybeans in the world with a crop size ranging from 7 to 9 million tons. About 80% to 90% of Indian production of soybean is used for crushing into soybean meal.

    India produces about 6 to 7 million tons of soybean meal annually and is its largest exporter in the Asian continent. India exports close to 75% of the production to the Far East and Middle East countries. Conventional markets for Indian Soybean meals are Vietnam, Japan, Indonesia and the EU with Iran and South Korea recently emerging as strong buyers.

    India uses only non-genetically modified soybean seeds making it the primary source for Non-GMO soybean meal in the world. Protein content in Soybean meal is the highest amongst all oilseed meals. The standard protein content in Indian Soybean meal ranges between 46% and 48%. High protein meal with protein content between 48 - 50% and above is also available at a premium. Major producing centres for soybean meal in India are Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and some parts of Rajasthan.

    Longulf works with select mills that adhere to the industry standards, offering high quality yellow soybean meal as per requirement. Packaging can be done in bulk as well as in PP bags.

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