• Wheat

    Wheat also referred to as the "Golden Grain" is one of the three most consumed cereal crops globally alongside Corn and Rice. It is the largest internationally traded grain with annual volume of over 140 Million Mt across the globe.

    India is the third largest producer and second largest consumer of

    wheat in the world. The three primary types of wheat traded globally are Hard Wheat, Soft Wheat and Durum.

    In India, Hard Wheat is the dominant variety with the largest area under cultivation. With high protein content and suitability for milling, Indian Hard Wheat has excellent market potential for export. Wheat export is subject to prevailing government policies.

    We can supply the following varieties and grades of Hard Wheat:

    • - Wheat FAQ Grade for Human Consumption
    • - Wheat Machine Clean
    • - Feed Grade Wheat
    • - Wheat Flour

    We offer wheat sourced from the farm, which is then cleaned, processed and packed as per requirement. We can offer bagged as well as bulk in containers depending on the buyer's preference.

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