• Sugar

    India is one of the largest producers of cane sugar in the world accounting for about 15% of the global production.

    India is the largest consumer of sugar in the world and it is therefore an important constituent of the Indian household's food consumption budget.

    Export of sugar is closely regulated by the Government through its Exim policy with assurance of adequate domestic availability and affordability being the key policy objectives.

    Refined sugar is the commonly traded variety which comes in three granular forms: Large (L-Grade), Medium (M-Grade) and Small (S-Grade). Of these, the Small and Medium grades of sugar are easily available and hence, constitute almost 80% of the world trade.

    Well accepted standards and test methods set as per "International Commission for Uniform Methods of Sugar Analysis" - ICUMSA are followed to assess and control quality of sugar being packed and supplied to our customers.

    Longulf's in-house team has been working alongside international survey agencies and laboratories, to ensure each lot of sugar is inspected to comply with international standards. Our knowledge-driven approach and vast experience helps us source, process and package the best quality sugar to meet your requirements.

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