• Cashew

    Cashew a native of Brazil was introduced into India by the Portuguese over a century ago when they first arrived. India accounts for over 65% of the international trade in cashew kernels. Kerala, Karnataka and Goa are the 3 main Cashew Producing States in India.

    Cashew is largely consumed as a dry fruit and an ingredient in different

    cuisines of different cultures of the world and also has some industrial uses.

    Cashew is traded on the basis of its size, whiteness and appearance. It is also bought as whole or in pieces depending on end use.

    We offer the following grades of cashew kernels (seed count/454 grams):

    Cashew Kernels - White WholesCashew Kernels - Scorched Wholes
    White Wholes - 320 Scorched Wholes (SW) - 240 Scorched Wholes (SW) - 320
    Cashew Kernels - White Pieces
    Butts (B) Splits (S) Large White Pieces (LWP)
    Small White Pieces (SWP)

    Longulf sources cashew kernels from select processors where they are shelled, sorted, picked and cleaned. These kernels are then packed in four-gallon tins. Multi-layered plastic bags are also available if required.

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