Black Pepper

  • Black Pepper

    The second largest producer of black pepper, India grows about 50,000 MT every year. While India ranks second in world production, the superior quality of Indian pepper fetches a premium price in international markets.

    Two of the most sought after varieties are Malabar Garbled (MG) and

    Tellicherry Garbled Extra Bold (TGEB).

    Kerala and Karnataka account for more than 95% of the Indian pepper production. Indian pepper is renowned for its bolder appearance and sharper aroma when compared with pepper from competing origins. The climatic and soil conditions present at the Malabar Coast are ideally suited for the growth of bigger berries with enhanced aroma and flavour.

    We offer pepper sourced from select processors with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities that comply with industry standards. Longulf has developed a supply chain expertise and has a team of its own quality inspectors to ensure that contractual parameters are fully met.

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