Mango Pulp

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    India has the distinction of being called the fruit and vegetable basket of the world. Globally it ranks second after China in the global production of fruits and vegetables. India is also the leading producer of mangoes and accounts for 39% of the world's production. India is home to over a 1000 varieties of mangoes, but Alphonso and Totapuri varieties remain

    unrivalled for their popularity in the Indian and international fruit markets.

    Alphonso has earned the epithet of "King of fruits" on account of its rich and distinctive colour flavour and aroma as well as its full bodied golden appearance. Totapuri is a large and fleshy mango with a greenish yellow appearance and an enticing flavour making it the preferred fruit for manufacturing mango juice.

    Tropical climatic conditions provide for abundant availability of Alphonso and Totapuri Mango. Surplus of fruit and the perishable nature of the commodity dictate the need to export it either as table fruit or as processed concentrate.

    Longulf India has been exporting mango pulp since 1996 to several destinations across the world including UAE, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Egypt and Sudan. Longulf has developed a strong supply chain to ensure that the best fruits are processed and packed in the most modern and hygienic facilities. The processing units we engage are capable of packing mango pulp in tin cans as well as in aseptic bags to suit every buyer's needs.

    Typical specifications are as follows:

    Pulp Content - Minimum 95% 95%
    Total Sugar Solids (Brix) 14 16
    Acidity 0.4% - 0.6% 0.5%
    Black specs / 10 gm -maximum 5 5

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