Rapeseed Meal

  • Rapeseed Meal

    Rapeseed meal and mustard oil are the two basic products obtained from the crushing of mustard seeds. Mustard seeds are the third largest source of vegetable oil after soybean oil and palm oil. India is the 4th largest world producer of mustard seeds and contributes to about 13% of world production.

    Rapeseed Meal is rich in protein and low in glucosinolate making it an ideal ingredient for cattle and poultry feed. Rapeseed meal has excellent amino acid composition comparable to milk protein with high nutrition value, adequate Lysine and Methionine content all suitable for ruminant animals. With fibre content of 12% and standard pro-fat content of around 38%, it is best suited for cattle feed and animal feed.

    India exports about 1.2 Million MT every year mainly to countries including Vietnam, Indonesia, Korea, Taiwan and the Middle-East region.

    Longulf works with select mills that adhere to the industry standards, offering high quality rapeseed meal as per requirement. Packaging can be done in bulk as well as in PP bags.

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