Longulf India is a niche exporter of Raw Cotton and Cotton Yarns .

Cotton Yarns

Our yarn conforms to the highest quality standards with respect to Uster Evenness, Neps and Classimat Faults. Machinery used for producing 100% Cotton and Other Yarns is most modern with Auto-Coners, Auto-Leveller Draw Frames and New Generation cards.

Performance of yarn during Warping, Weaving / Knitting is of paramount importance and care is taken in achieving industries best performance. Product is Checked and Re-Checked at every stage of production process to ensure Fault-Free product performance.

We can offer you Yarn as per below specifications:


Open End Yarns

Ne 2's to Ne 30's

Carded for Weaving and Knitting use in Single & Multifold

(2 ply to 10 ply).

Ring Spun Carded Yarns

Ne 10's to Ne 40's

Auto coned spliced and non-Auto Coned 'EYC' Yarns of different grades for Knitting and Weaving end-uses. We can supply Multifold yarn also.

Ring Spun Combed Yarns

Ne 20's to Ne 100's

From best quality, raw cotton with emphasis on contamination and evenness control. Yarns are auto coned spliced / Siro cleared, to minimise contamination, for Knitting and Weaving end-uses are available.

Cotton YarnsCotton Yarns