Work Philosophy

Business Intelligence

Longulf India's core values are built around a sharp customer focus, an unending quest for business intelligence, a sense of fair play and ethical business conduct and above all its strong people orientation. At Longulf India we believe that its greatest strength lies in the intellectual capacity, commitment, energy and drive for excellence that its employees collectively possess. To be able to attract, nourish and retain such talent we, at Longulf India, place emphasis on fostering a people-friendly culture.

The organisation provides an enabling work environment by encouraging its employees to take custody of their business segments, to communicate across the organisation without barriers, to take measured risks and to think differently so that they achieve leadership in their domain.

At Longulf we put team performance above individual brilliance. We encourage the formation of informal teams built around business projects such that effort, responsibility and the rewards of the business are enjoyed collectively.

We consciously work towards synchronising individual goals and aspirations to those of the organisation such that both benefit.

The organisation asks of its employees to embrace change and see opportunity in adversity.

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