Team at Longulf

Longulf Team

Longulf India is part of a vibrant and large global business group and derives natural strategic advantages from this lineage. Our vast worldwide network of associates keeps us fully alive to business possibilities in origin and consumption markets. Our team of professional front line traders and a well organised back office works tirelessly to convert this strategic advantage into a distinct competitive edge for our customers.

Our organisational structure is designed to deliver superior value to our

customers. All key positions in the organisation are manned by qualified professionals working in their respective areas of core competence. Each of the functions within the supply chain be it sourcing, quality control, logistics, documentation or banking has an expert attending to it. This attention to detail in building the organisation has been a critical factor in ensuring consistency of performance, transactional efficiency and a rewarding business experience for our customers.

The CEO is a well-qualified and experienced finance professional with strong business orientation. The Directors of the company are highly experienced and successful business promoters and industrialists who provide direction and vision to the business. The company consciously employs blend of youth and experience amongst its ranks. This enables it to deliver value to customers be it through the wisdom borne out of experience or the flexibility, speed and energy that youth working with modern technology can deliver.

We are driven by an urge to consistently provide customer delight. Reliability and integrity are central to our ethos. Every transaction with our customer is looked upon as an important step towards building a long term partnership with them. Team Longulf will always strive to stay ahead of the game so that our customer benefits. You can count on us to deliver and we will do our utmost to return your trust.